Dyson Flyaway Attachment

Dyson Flyaway Attachment

Dyson Supersonic™ Flyaway attachment is the latest launch from Dyson and I am soooo excited about this!! The Flyaway attachment is a perfect finishing tool for sleek, straight styles. The latest technology can hides flyaways under longer hair to give a smooth, shiny finish, with just air.

I think shiny and smooth hair is the most important thing in your appearance. Unfortunately, you can not blow dry as professionally as me (I spent 20 years as a hair dresser 😅)

Tomo use Dyson

However, if you use Dyson flyway attachment, you can easily make flyaway underneath to give the most high polished shiny finish at low temperature so that you can maintain the best hair condition.

The Supersonic is the only hairdryer available that comes with 5 attachments for all hair types. You can achieve professional quality like me💪